Slides and Sample Code from CodeMash 2020

Last month, I had the pleasure of delivering a four-hour SwiftUI workshop and two talks at CodeMash, one of my favorite conferences to attend. The talks were recorded, so I will eventually have video from them, but for now, here are the slides and the sample code from them.

Building Declarative UI with SwiftUI

In this workshop, we built Timeato, a pomodoro timer app for iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and iPadOS. You can find the code on GitHub.

A Mobile App Success Starter Pack

This talk was less technology-focused and more on the things you can do to make a mobile app shine. You can find the slides on Speaker Deck.

Straying From the Happy Path: Taking Control of Errors in Swift

This talk focused on error handling in Swift, and how we got to the state of the art. You can find the slides on Speaker Deck.

Thanks to everyone who came out to my talks! It was a grueling week of public speaking, but I had a lot of fun!

Slides and Sample Code from my 360|iDev Talks

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s 360|iDev conference, which so far has been an amazing conference. Here are my slides and sample code:

Developing for Apple Watch With Swift:
Sample Code:

Advanced Dates and Times in Swift:
Sample Code (Swift Playgrounds):
Sample Code (iOS App):