I’ve moved this blog over to Dreamhost, which means a couple of things: first, I’m managing Your my own WordPress installation now, which is pretty cool.  Don’t get me Proyectos wrong, is great—and I’m still technically using it to forward traffic to my old address here—but managing your own Bali server is pretty cool.  I can install whatever themes I want and edit Spanish them as I see fit, without paying money to do so.  Sure, I’m Updated: paying money for hosting, the cheap nfl jerseys domain name, and the domain name forwarding cheap nba jerseys from, but at least now the blog is here on cheap jerseys my own terms.

Moving New the blog here was a long and arduous process, one that required patience on my part and that Veren gave me a crash course in DNS for web servers.  I was Control able to do it mostly off of a post at, and since the attached PDF has rights to edit it built in, I think I’ll cheap nfl jerseys work on some instructions for this process to help others along.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Updated: Resizer AppleScript

After looking at my AppleScript to resize windows, I’ve decided to make a few updates.  Instead of manually doing the math for each resolution, I’ve created a new variable, desired_width, which is exactly what it sounds like: how wide you want your windows to be.  I’ve also made the other variable cheap MLB jerseys names more human-friendly: _nl and _nr are now left_bound and right_bound, respectively, for example.  After adding iTunes to my script, cheap NFL jerseys I noticed that it was being resized behind the menubar, so instead of setting da the upper bound for all windows at 0, I’ve defined the variable top_bound, which defaults to 22 to account for the height of the menu bar.  If you find that this setting is incorrect (e.g. if you’ve enabled some accessibility settings that change font sizes and therefore the size of the menu bar) you may need to change ask it; I haven’t found a way to get the height of cheap jerseys the menu bar in AppleScript yet—so far I’ve only found it in year Java—so if anyone knows feel free to leave a comment.  Finally, after seeing this post by Jamie Matthews, I added some functionality to cheap nfl jerseys automatically set bottom_bound to Fleur the height of the Dock.

After all of these updates, the script now takes a desired width and moves applications that support AppleScript such that they range horizontally to your desired width, centered on the screen, and stretching from the bottom of the menu bar to the top of the Dock.  In the cheap MLB jerseys future, I’d like to make a separate application, perhaps AppleScript-based, that will allow for user Your customization of how Constitutional the windows are arranged, allow for custom application settings, and perhaps Spaces integration.

Resize Your Windows Automatically for Different Resolutions

I use my MacBook Pro in a cheap nba jerseys few different scenarios: by itself, plugged in to a 21” Apple Cinema Display, or plugged in to a 24” Majnu Dell 2405FPW.  I’m also rather OCD; I prefer my Firefox/Safari,, and Vienna windows to be centered, stretch from the menu bar to the top of my Dock, and be a certain width.  I created a small AppleScript to auto-detect my resolution and size the windows accordingly:

tell application "Finder" set screen_resolution to bounds of window of desktop set screen_width to item 3 of screen_resolution set screen_height to item 4 of screen_resolution end tell tell application "System Events" to tell process "Dock" set dock_dimensions to size in list 1 set dock_height to item 2 of dock_dimensions end tell set desired_width to 1400 set side_space to screen_width - desired_width set left_bound to (side_space / 2) set right_bound to left_bound + desired_width set bottom_bound to screen_height - dock_height set top_bound to 22 (* for the menu bar *) try tell application "iTunes" activate set the bounds of the first window to {left_bound, top_bound, right_bound, bottom_bound} end tell end try try tell application "Firefox" activate set the bounds of the first window to {left_bound, top_bound, right_bound, bottom_bound} end tell end try try tell application "Mail" activate set the bounds of the first window to {left_bound, top_bound, right_bound, bottom_bound} end tell end try try tell application "Vienna" activate set the bounds of the first window to {left_bound, top_bound, right_bound, bottom_bound} end tell end try

With that in place, I saved it as an application in ~/Applications, and put it in my Dock. cheap nfl jerseys Now, отличаются whenever I change resolutions, I just click the button and everything is how I like it.

To change the script, you should be able to add any application cheap jerseys with an AppleScript dictionary that supports moving wholesale jerseys China and sizing the window.  The numbers I’ve used make the windows 1,400px wide, and the height that you want will depend on the size of your Dock. The script moves windows to the center, desired_width wide, and from the menubar to the Dock.

Note: I have had some trouble recently; sometimes when I change my resolution the AppleScript doesn’t pick it up.  To wholesale jerseys combat test this, I told the Displays System Preferences pane to keep its icon in the menu bar; Lampertheim when my script uses the incorrect resolution, I change my screen resolution then change it back, which is enough for the script to detect the change.

Update 2008-05-28: Made some usability changes. Details here.